Facet Wall

Facet Wall by Tom Kirk

Facet Wall Overview

Facet Wall Light is an up and down illuminating wall fixture by Tom Kirk for Innermost. Polished stainless steel sections arrayed around the circumference create a surface of small facets, each helping to present part of an amazing fragmented image of its surrounding. The effect often fools the eye into thinking you are looking at glass or crystal until you get closer to see it is perfectly polished metal. It is finished in Brass, Bronze or Stainless Steel acid etched facets, giving plenty of installation options. Facet is also available as pendants of varying sizes in polished stainless steel, brass or bronze.

Tom Kirk's iconic design has adapted across the range from it's origins as a 1 meter diameter chandelier to smaller pendants.

Specification + Download

Material: Stainless Steel

Colors: Polished Stainless Steel / Polished Brass/ Polished Bronze

Dimensions and Product Codes: 12” H x 9” W x 6.5” D


BRASS: WF03932030

BRONZE: WF03932010

Light source: 2x G9 Max 5W LED (not included)


Recommended Bulb: Any G9 LED Bulb up to 500 lumen output, dimmable. Temperature 2200 – 2700K.

Projection from wall: 6.5”

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Specification PDF

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Installation Guide PDF

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INNERMOST US Facet Wall Installation Guide