BDNY 2019 was a huge success for Innermost and our US distributor partner IMDC! 

Situated in close proximity to the main entrance and directly across from BDNY guest speaker platform, the Innermost booth sparkled the show with our decorative lighting. 

While the Panel and Facet were on the main stage grabbing the attention of visitors; the playful handheld, portable BUD got people interacting and conversing about the fun designs of Innermost.  As the market gears toward simple yet colorful designs; the new collections, Portobello, Hoxton, and Chelsea give clues to the versatility of Innermost brand. 

Built around the concept that “light is a material”, Innermost displayed its ability to produce high end chandeliers, simple spun aluminum shades, and inexpensive products like the Yoy wall sconce that uses light to project its own shade.

 Curiosity roused over how the Kepler fixture created an effect of looking through infinity, while gazers studied the fabric and LED combination that make up the large scale, rotatable sphere. 

We are so delighted about the positive feedback we received from clients around the US; enforcing that we have the right product and price point for any project!  Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who visited and all the kind words about the fabulous Innermost collection!


Contact IMDC on +1888 899 IMDC[4632] info@innermost.us