Beads by Winnie Lui

Beads Overview

The Beads range is a unique pendant design that resemble beads strung together, and create hovering spheres of light that seem to float in space. These striking lights provide both direct and ambient lighting, perfect for commercial, hospitality, institutional and upscale residential interiors.


These luxury pendant lights are suited to distinguished interior applications: from casino, hotel, and restaurant interiors; building lobbies; merchandise showrooms; up-market retail boutiques; gallery and museum interiors; apartments, condominiums, and other contemporary residential installations.


The unique pendants were designed by Winnie Lui, a lighting, product and jewelry designer, and silversmith, based in London. With Beads she combined the quality of her silversmith work with the technology of contemporary lighting design. The dazzling and lustrous finishes result in a jewel-like creation, resembling colored sparkling shiny beads. Once suspended, Beads creates a mesmerizing atmosphere, casting intriguing shadows on the walls and ceiling.


Penta beads are arranged to form a sphere measuring 21.3-inches wide by 18.9-inches high, well suited to smaller narrow spaces. and perfect for larger spaces like dining areas, where maximum impact is needed. 


Beads pendants are manufactured from spun stainless steel spheres and are available in Chrome, Copper, Gunmetal or White colors. Beads is part of the Winnie Lui lighting collection for innermost.

Specification + Download

Material: Spun stainless steel, Polycarbonate

Colors: Chrome / Copper / Gloss White / Gunmetal


Dimensions and Product Codes:

BEADS PENTA: 19” H x 21.25” diameter

White: PB03934001

Chrome: PB03934003

Copper: PB03934007

Gun Metal: PB03934031




Recommended Bulb: Beads works with a variety of different LED bulbs.

E26 LED Globe Bulbs 500 – 800 Lumen output and from 2700K – 3000K color temperature. These styles are particularly effective in the white color and in the metallic options for a softer less reflective look.

E26 LED Filament style bulbs will bring out the reflective qualities of the metallic finishes brilliantly. Best performance would be from 600-900 Lumen Output with temperature 2200L – 2700K.

Ceiling Rose: color matches the product Hemisphere

Cable: 157.5”, Clear PVC cable

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Specification PDF

download pdf

Installation Guide

Beads in Gunmetal (Sneak Preview!)

We are thrilled to announce that the internationally installed and recognized note of luxury – BEADS, by Winnie Lui – will soon be available in a coat of glorious Gunmetal. View More Videos