Euroluce, Milan 2019

We can’t wait to launch our exciting and diverse new lighting collection for Euroluce 2019.

 The Milan range is a wonderful mix of technology and vibrant new aesthetics.

This year we expand several successful areas with new product and open up a new category with Bud, our first rechargeable design. Whether illuminating a night picnic, a romantic rooftop dinner or an indoor play den, this rechargeable portable lamp frees you from the constraints of cables, with a three step dimming function to adjust to any situation. Designed by Melissa Yip for Innermost, Bud will be available in 6 pleasingly solid colours.

We launch 3 new designs of pendant all named after famed London boroughs: Portobello, Hoxton and Chelsea. Like the places from which they take their name each has unique character and design.

The Brixton collection will now include a floor, desk and bedside lamp option

DropLED becomes a bigger family with the addition of Purl, a series of accessories that allow it to become a stand alone fixture.

Two more products are added to the Kepler family with a stunning floor lamp and the ‘Halo’, a simple fit anywhere twist on the ring pendant.

“Light is a material” is our new marketing mantra; a phrase that found its way to the front of the catalogue, through the design studio in which crafting and playing with light is what we do everyday, with passion.

With an impressive stand and Ginnermost & tonics everyday from 5pm, don’t miss us between 9th and 14th April 2019.

Euroluce, Innermost, Hall 11, Stand D27

The New Definition of ‘Industrial’ in Lighting and Home Decor


New, Post, Soft, Salvage, Heritage, Technical; the term ‘Industrial’ is constantly being re-defined with the changing style of this genre. With the ever-evolving parameters of what can be classed as ‘industrial’, the Innermost team have been debating and defining the many sub-categories that come under this umbrella term.

We have spent the last few months categorising the innermost lighting range to make products quicker to find, as well as give immediate visual suggestions for items by style or material. From Large & Luxury,to Glass, Minimal or Brass/Copper/Gold – we settled on some of the most popular categories and terms that are used to spec modern lighting.

But one of the most debated was ‘Industrial’, a category that in recent times has really expanded to cover a variety of aesthetic styles. We often get asked for ‘Industrial’ though it came to light that our definition can be rather broad. One staple of this category is our latest addition to the collection, Foundry, an industrial item with sourced parts – that looks like something stripped out of a steampunk interior. But the category also extends to items like Lighthouse (part industrial, part science lab) or defined as ‘minimal industrial’ with bare bulbs and metallic finished bulb holders. The phrase ‘soft industrial’ (industrial that has been updated and modernised to make it less harsh- a term coined by industry guru Bobby Haidinger in the US market) can be used for products such as ‘Circus’, and then there is ‘modern industrial’ which references the modern tech industry.

What is interesting is how the genres are now being mixed so that technical schemes are combined with some basic industrial styles and are also incorporating high tech chandeliers. The look could be described as ‘workshop meets control room’. Also interestingly, in some areas the reclaimed industrial look is also being mixed with high-tech modern chandeliers.

This mixed modern lighting style all fits with the idea of zoning and the creation in many F&B interiors of what are really modern day ‘snugs’, an interior within an interior. The old fashioned ‘snug’ was a small alternative room in a British pub that was more like a cosy sitting room. It’s no longer just a thing in cafe and restaurant interiors, it’s also typical in the new shared workspace concepts that are in all major cities now, as well as inside meeting rooms and break out areas of traditional workplaces.

In trying to make sure we have the entire product to provide for our clients projects we have attempted to map this and make it easily searchable. You can visit our recently updated website and see all we consider to be industrial with one click! We will also be expanding the industrial Foundry collection in the coming months with 8 new options.

Keep checking our site for new additions to the categories and do join in the debate to define what important modern lighting categories you feel have emerged!

About Innermost

Innermost is a British design brand with a rebellious approach to lighting and furniture. Founded in London and working with designers from all over the world, Steve Jones and Russell Cameron aimed to create an innovative and diverse brand, making products of the absolute highest quality. Since 1999 the company has followed its initial philosophy, to be ‘as British as London itself’: a unique mixture of classic English tradition and vibrant global diversity.

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Lighting trends for 2019

With 2019 just around the corner, we’ve been looking ahead at what we think the main trends of lighting will be next – from technical updates to colour schemes and materials. Check out our predictions for the biggest lighting trends that are coming with the new year.


A big lighting trend we see for 2019 is celebrating colour and bringing accent shades into interiors, particularly for residential properties.

Ceilings have been largely monochrome in recent years, but 2019 brings a myriad of colour options, and at Innermost we are launching a bespoke custom colour service, offering some of our best-selling lights in a colour of your choice. Whether it’s matching a feature interior accessory or combining a number of bright tones to define the space, 2019 is the time to get creative with colour.


Technology continues to bring innovation and the new buzzword in lighting is: control. This year we announced a Bluetooth Mesh option for all our major pendant ranges, allowing our lights to be controlled wirelessly. From full dimming to some colour tuning options, the flexible system can be paired with a single lamp or with complex configurations. This can all be achieved and controlled from a free app by Casambi, which combines ease of installation and optimal functionality (with Bluetooth switches also available). Lighting control will continue to grow as a trend in 2019, as the home becomes ‘smart’ in many new ways.

Cordless lighting

Though there are still many limitations, and many practical considerations, such as environmental responsibility, cordless lighting is gaining popularity and we have plans to develop a cordless option for some of our popular table lights. This will also allow the trend of flexible indoor to outdoor lighting to grow. While it is too soon to release any specifics, cordless lighting is an area to keep an eye on during 2019, so do watch this space for future releases.


Though not a new trend, we see the industrial style continuing to be a strong theme for lighting in 2019.

Simplistic spun metal shades are ubiquitous, and we launched our ‘industrially-inspired’ Foundry pendant this Summer. Bringing a workshop aesthetic to the collection, we will continue to expand this design into a bigger range over 2019.

All the metallics

Luxe metallics continue to be a hugely popular interior trend, with their use in lighting making a particularly dramatic statement. Gold in particular is huge for 2019, and will be given a fresh look, paired with raw materials and natural shades. Check out our Panel & Facet chandeliers for statement metallic inspiration.



Co-Working Environments And The Importance Of Quality, Contemporary Lighting

Co-working is not only redefining the way people work, but the way offices are designed. This smart, shared workplace revolution is taking place worldwide and has lead to new demand for innovative and contemporary lighting solutions. As co-working spaces increase in popularity, so does demand for lighting that is beautifully considered and works within multipurpose, adaptable spaces.

Co-working spaces often consist of multiple modular areas and different set-ups for various work and break-out spaces. It is no longer a case of choosing just one type of fitting to light an office, but designers must mix a number of modern lighting styles to highlight a variety of social spaces.

Contemporary co-working spaces must create a balance between an impression of homeliness and professionalism. Lighting is a major component when it comes to workspace design. From computer desks to meeting rooms or ‘chill-out spaces’, lighting can help or hinder when setting the right tone and ambiance of a space.

Colors play a key role in defining space illumination, and bright colors can help create a sense of increased lighting and better amplitude.

Coca-Cola Office Canteen

In this Coca-Cola office, colourful Snowdrop lights have been used to bring colour and interest to the jolly canteen. The selected innermost products reflect the fun and vibrancy of the interior at the offices in Madrid.

Co-working spaces require areas of privacy and quiet, and a booth, like the one used in the Coca-Cola office, provides the desired comfort level for smaller meetings or independent work. Such spaces enable a level of privacy and comfort away from the desk, which helps to improve concentration while not feeling shut off from the rest of the office. Glaze has been used to beautiful effect within the retro-style booths- softly lighting the space and bringing a combination of textures for a stylish finish.

Pret a Manger HQ

As experts in office design and smart workspace transformations, Peldon Rose have styled numerous beautiful & efficient co-working spaces. With their ethos to transform office design for the benefit of people and business, they create offices that reflect the unique identity of each company. They recently used Innermost lighting pendants in their refurbishment of the Pret a Manger head office, featuring a mixture of classic pendants as well as bespoke pieces produced by innermost.

Clusters of beautiful Circus were used in white throughout the space, and Jeeves pendants brought personality to the interior.  From the striking use of standard innermost products to the bespoke illuminated coffee cups, this project speaks of the creativity and quality behind the Pret a Manger brand, with thoughtful illumination.

Open-plan London office

This converted warehouse space in East London gives an industrial backdrop to the simultaneously playful and functional Gable, used in red. The huge windows and concrete floor of this minimal office are accented by five of the long LED task-lights, suspended from the high ceiling. Gable brings a burst of colour and a welcome alternative to the nasty fluorescent strips of traditional office lighting.

Linkedin New York Office

To create a balance, it is important to have areas designed specifically with low lighting to encourage relaxation and create a calming space. In this LinkedIn office in New York, the Jeeves Wall brings British charm and gentle illumination to the dark walls of this breakout area.

Another amazing space that has been tastefully transformed by Peldon Rose is the new Moo office in Farringdon. Although it is not a co-working space, they have adapted many of the same design devices to create an office that is fully flexible, comfortable and approachable. From the sofas & classic furniture used, to the Circus pendants which hang over their meeting area, each design choice has been made with domestic comfort in mind.

New Moo office

The co-working environment has inspired a new way of designing office space, not just for shared office buildings but for many companies looking to embrace the ethos of contemporary workplaces with a strong company culture. To create a place that supports and encourages innovation, offices need to balance private and communal spaces, by using thoughtful domestic styling. Within these spaces the selection of good quality lighting is essential, adding to an environment of productivity and well-being.

Bluetooth control options

Everyone wants control; it’s the new buzz in lighting. Smart phone, smart home.

We’re now pleased to offer Bluetooth Mesh options for all our major pendant ranges. These new advances will allow any Innermost light to be controlled wirelessly – from full dimming to some colour tuning options – using a flexible system that can be paired with a single lamp or with complex configurations. This can all be achieved and controlled from a free app by Casambi, which combines ease of installation and optimal functionality (with Bluetooth switches also available).

What is Bluetooth Mesh?

Bluetooth mesh works by linking multiple bulbs or fittings in a chain so each unit can communicate and relay a message to any other unit. There are multiple benefits to Bluetooth, it uses less energy than Wi-Fi and won’t slow down your internet connection; most importantly, there is no extra kit to buy and you don’t lose control of your lights if your Wi-Fi crashes.  Pairing and system set-up is incredibly simple and can be used instantly, without the need for hubs or routers. There are many more in-depth features to explore; allowing the user to configure, save and recall scenes or animations, use motion sensors, define timers using sunrise/sunset, and much more.

This means now that whether it’s just one light in your living room or one thousand lights in your office building, you can get the same level of sophisticated lighting control without the expense or installation disruption of a traditional control system. Perfect for situations like listed buildings where it is not an option to run new cabling, or projects with tight budgets but where programmable lighting control is still needed.

Most importantly all the units and bulbs work together, once paired they sit in a single network that allows the user total control over a group or a single unit no matter what the source or driver type. Pair it and forget about it.

Bluetooth control works with most of the range, so you can have the most beautiful and unique lighting with the latest technology and control solutions. Compatible with Casambi, also used by Occio, Osram and Reggiani. Later this year we will also offer a Circadian rhythm option; a truly human centric lighting source to provide the best light for the time of day or the activity you are doing at the time.

Bluetooth options can now be added to any Innermost pendant order, with the option of colour tuning if an E27 fitting.  This is an integrated solution that is elegant, practical and affordable with a delightful and modern smartphone user experience.

We are offering bluetooth options with only a £35 to £50 surcharge.

Get in touch with us for more information and to discuss your next project!





Innermost represent the UK on international stage

Innermost are heading to Hong Kong this March as part of a select band of businesses showcasing the best of UK industrial and creative excellence to Asian companies.

With our manufacturing operation in the UK, as well as in Asia and other parts of Europe, we will head out to the GREAT Festival of Innovation for a four-day Festival organized by the UK’s Department for International Trade.

Created to showcase the UK as one of the world’s best places to visit, study, invest in and do business, the Festival, taking place 21-24 March 2018, focuses on how innovation will change the way we work, learn and play in the years to come.

Key speakers include leaders of globally recognised businesses, major sports events, cultural institutions and academic establishments.

During the Festival, which forms part of the Government’s GREAT Britain campaign, the audience will have the opportunity to meet fellow business leaders from across Asia to discuss possible future trading and investment opportunities.

Russell Cameron, co-founder of Innermost said:

“It is a fantastic honour for us to be among the businesses invited to attend the Great Festival of Innovation. This promises to be an amazing event that will really showcase the best of UK industry.

Asia is obviously a huge potential market and one that we are eager to further engage with. Consumers across the region love the heritage and quality of UK brands, and now is the ideal time to highlight the world-class skills and innovation that come from these shores.”

Innermost products are to be used as example of Great British design, along with a handful of other innovative brands from the UK.

Top UK figures already confirmed to speak at the Festival include WPP chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell; co-founder Brent Hoberman and former GCHQ director Robert Hannigan.

More than 60 panel sessions, speaker events and interactive master classes will examine how businesses can make the most of new ideas, technologies and markets. The Festival celebrates existing links between UK and Asia, and promotes enhanced collaboration in the areas of trade, education, media and government. At the same time a comprehensive cultural programme will also showcase the best of UK’s creative arts. Performances include live music, fashion shows, cookery demonstrations and dance.

The Great Festival of Innovation Hong Kong will be the third of its kind, following successful events in Istanbul (2014) and Shanghai (2015). Its vision is to create long-term partnerships that drive the future of free trade and prosperity between the UK and Asia.

The GREAT Britain campaign is currently active in 144 countries and has already delivered £2.7 billion in economic benefits for the UK.

More than 600 invited delegates will attend the Hong Kong event, which takes place at the Asia Society Hong Kong Centre and will feature more than 60 panels and events over its four days.

For more information, please visit or follow the hashtag #GREATinnovation.

Innermost USA: the new corporate website for the United States is unveiled.


We are thrilled to launch our new corporate website for the North American market: Innermost USA. The Innermost USA website will showcase our beautiful lighting and unique furniture, alongside dedicated US related data and communication. With the new site we hope to better serve our American clients. We will provide news and information about events and updates, specific to the North American market. With product details and launch dates only relevant to the USA. Working closely with our first-class US representatives, this site has been built to promote and showcase the finest lighting and furniture designs available in America.

Innermost has been supplying product to the USA for over 10 years and with our new ETL accreditation, we have never been better placed to supply our pendant lights to the United States.
The majority of the range is available with the ETL mark of quality. In combination with our extended 3-year warranty, the ETL certification affirms Innermost’s dependability for the North American market.
Click here to read more about our ETL accreditation.

More about IMDC

IM Design Concepts are the exclusive distributor of Innermost products for the USA. They bring together more than 25 years experience of importing some of the finest in contemporary lighting and furniture to the United States, as well as providing superior customer service.
With a distribution center in Bethel, CT and head office in Old Lyme, CT, they conveniently placed for all areas of business, from interior designers and architects to contractors and retailers across North America.

Click here for the contact details of your local US Innermost representative.

More about Innermost

Innermost lighting was established by Steve Jones and Russell Cameron in central London in 1999. They had a shared vision to create a company utilizing their extended experience in design consultancy and furniture design. Steve and Russell had seen plenty of inspired ideas from raw, talented designers that were never being advanced beyond the conceptual. Realizing that if they combined their design and manufacturing experience, these concepts could materialize into a diverse range under a single brand. During these early discussions, the stand-out ideas were labelled those ‘close to their hearts’; ‘the inner thoughts; ‘the inner-most dreams’… And so, with a load of ideas, an in-depth manufacturing knowledge and the desire to turn stunning concepts into reality, the modern lighting brand, Innermost, was born.

With our instinctive desire to rebel from the norm, we utilize materials and processes in unique ways to defy expectation. Our adept experience of manufacturing allows us to repurpose conventional approaches. As designers, curators and industry experts, we thrive from taking wild ideas and creating beautiful, thoughtful and innovative products. We work with our clients to ensure that each piece continues to be cutting edge as we develop technological advances to keep our range absolutely relevant to the changing market.
Click here to read more about the history and process of Innermost lighting and furniture.