Top 6 Pendant Light Ideas to Steal the Show


Whether found in the kitchen, living area, or entrance hall, modern pendant lighting is central to spaces that bring people together and celebrate the social side of life. At Innermost we know the importance of getting the right unique pendant lights for your interior. Whether choosing contemporary pendants for a modern space, or something more classic for a traditional interior, there are plenty of options to create show-stopping home decorative lighting.

We thrive on taking unique ideas and creating beautiful, thoughtful and innovative lighting pendant displays. To create a real impact, don’t be afraid to have fun with scale and use oversize pendants or multiple sizes and colours. Here are our top 6 examples of pendant light fixtures that steal the show.

The Membrane by design by Jette Scheib for Innermost is a stunning and unique pendant that is very versatile for residential interiors. Here, it is hung low over the dining table, reflecting light so that the punctured glass catches the attention.


Sometimes less is more, and this Scandinavian contemporary interior if perfectly accented by the neutral tones of the grey Circus pendant. Here, one simple statement piece provides perfect home decorative lighting.


This residence in Hannover, Germany, uses the classic Circus pendants in a close cluster, using a variety of sizes to create an excitingly unique display of modern lighting.


For a total showstopper look no further than Beads, which has been used in this apartment in London to accent the feature colour: orange. With their highly reflective finish and intriguing bulbous forms, Beads are the pendants guaranteed to add luxury to any interior.


This beautiful house in Connecticut oozes style with Stupa being used for a unique modern lighting display. Be brave and add a cluster of colourful pendants to instantly make an innovative and show-stopping feature in a space with high ceilings.


If you want to brighten up a contemporary home, don’t be afraid to mix and match unique pendant lights in various colours. This jolly interior has Snowdrop suspended in a row as a rainbow of colour. Bringing vibrance to the space as well as providing beautiful lighting, this installation is a great way to bring fun into home decorative lighting.