• Albion Restaurant
    Gable zig-zags along the restaurant

  • Albion Restaurant
    A red filter was used on the bulbs to change the atmosphere in the room

  • Albion Restaurant
    The Pie Room

  • Albion Restaurant
    Red on Red

Project Details

Initially designed for office workspace lighting, Gable is a long minimal and dimmable LED task-light. Designed by Jarrod Lim, the design of the extruded metal lamp is playful and each end hints at the motif of a house. “It is a ceiling lamp aimed mainly at commercial environments as a replacement for fluorescent lamps. The design is based on the idea of ‘a roof over your head’, which gives it the quirky appearance,” says Lim.

For this project, the Albion’s Pie Room, located in the Clerkenwell branch, specializes in unfussy and informal all-day dining.  The interior designer wanted to re-work Gable to suit this environment. The lamps were customized with red panels to work with the red accents throughout the restaurant’s interior. The bright lighting needed to be adjusted to suit the requirements of the restaurant interior, rather than to suit that of an office space. To change the color temperature the designer was inspired to use red gels on the units. These red filters successfully provide a ‘warmer’ light and change the atmosphere in the room, providing relaxed low level lighting above the tables. Gable’s polycarbonate diffusers allow light to spill from the sides as well as the main wash from the underside, giving an interesting and multi-dimensional effect within this Clerkenwell restaurant.

The slatted red panels create strong visual lines as they zig-zag along either side of the Pie Room interior. These lamps work perfectly in this relaxed space, giving a simplistic feel where the aluminium and steel structure hide a technically advanced interior.


Project: Restaurant
Location: London, UK
Year: 2016

Products Used

  • Gable
    Gable By Jarrod Lim