Lighthouse by Innermost

Lighthouse Overview

This innovative lampshade is available in a range of sizes with diffuser options that suit pendant assemblies and bases alike.

Take one light bulb and multiply. An array of lenses help create this stunning optical effect as the light source is duplicated using a Fresnel lens system.  This shade offers a technical look in a light assembly that is as simple as you can get. We have a wide choice of sizes available, suitable for pendants, floor lamps or table purposes. Perfect with the Trumpet or Tripod bases.

Specification + Download

Material: Polycarbonate

Dimensions and Product Codes:

LIGHTHOUSE 30*20: 8” H x 12” diameter


LIGHTHOUSE 30*30: 12” H x 12” diameter


LIGHTHOUSE 46*30: 12” H x 18.25” diameter


LIGHTHOUSE 60*30: 12” H x 23.75” diameter (with Diffuser)


LIGHTHOUSE 60*40: 15.75” H x 23.75” diameter


LIGHTHOUSE 60*40: 15.75” H x 23.75” diameter (with Diffuser)


Light source: Max 15W LED (not included)

Color: Clear


Recommended Bulb: LED Globe bulbs 400 – 1000 lumen output and from 2700K (for warmer with more color) up to 6000K (daylight) Use an LED Filament style bulb for a great retro effect!

Other: Supplied as shade only, shades interchangeable between pendant and base. See the bases. Also available as a wall light.

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Specification PDF

download pdf

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