Kobe by Russell Cameron

Kobe Overview

Kobe is a flat pack fabric shade by Innermost co-founder, Russell Cameron. These simple drum shades have several clever differences: A selection of high quality materials and clever flat-pack structure.

Made from either 100% wool or specially created synthetic that provides a sophisticated feel and is available in numerous colours, making it suitable for many interior design applications. The edge to edge cotton diffuser gives a completely clean look you can also appreciate immediately.

What you can’t see is that our Kobe shades arrive flat-packed in a pizza style box; so transport costs are low and large shades arrive in perfect condition. It takes an honest 20-30 seconds to assemble one. It’s possible because we use a memory foam on the inside rather like those squishy ear plugs you get on airlines. The structure snugly holds the rings in place to create the sturdy structure. Kobe is a simple and reliable decorative lampshade for contemporary life.

Specification + Download

Material: Polyester / 100% Wool

Polyester Colors: Black/ Warm Grey/ Dark Grey/ Ochre/ Red

Wool Colors: Charcoal/ Natural/ Red/ Purple


Dimensions and Product Codes:

KOBE 32*26: 10.25” H x 12.75” diameter

Black: SK03911002   Warm Grey: SK03911016   Dark Grey: SK03911017

Ochre: SK03911018   Red Polyester: SK03911029   Charcoal: SK03911005

Natural: SK03911006   Red Wool: SK03911008   Purple: SK03911009

Light source: Max 60W (not included)

KOBE 60*30: 12” H x 23.75” diameter

Black: SK03914002   Warm Grey: SK03914016   Dark Grey: SK03914017

Ochre: SK03914018   Red Polyester: SK03914029   Charcoal: SK03914005

Natural: SK03914006   Red Wool: SK03914008   Purple: SK03914009

KOBE 80*35: 13.75” H x 31.5” diameter

Black: SK03915002   Warm Grey: SK03915016   Dark Grey: SK03915017

Ochre: SK03915018   Red Polyester: SK03915029   Charcoal: SK03915005

Natural: SK03915006   Red Wool: SK03915008   Purple: SK03915009

Light source: Max 100W(not included)

Recommended Bulb: LED Globe bulbs 400 – 1000 lumen output and from 2700K (for warmer with more color), up to 6000K (daylight)

Other: Supplied as shade only, shades interchangeable between pendant and base. See the bases.

download pdf

Specification PDF

download pdf

Installation Guide

I'd like to talk to you about Kobe

In this video introduction, we give you a closer look at the elements and materials of this simple design, from its flat-packaging to its easy assembly. Innermost’s Head of Product Development, James, takes us on a journey through the features that make this lampshade so very special… View More Videos