HiHo by Jarrod Lim

HiHo Overview

HiHo is an adult Rocking Horse by Jarrod Lim for Innermost. Made from 100% British Sheepskin and Solid Timber, it is a fun yet stylish take on the traditional children’s rocking horse- remade for grown-ups. Jarrod Lim designed this Rocker so you can sit forward and really ride or alternatively turn around and sit back for a gentler comfortable rocking chair experience that granny would approve of.
It’s practical too so it comes with covers that are removable for dry cleaning just in case anyone gets too excited.

Specification + Download

Material: Timber and sheep skin

Dimensions: 39.5” H x 17.75” W x 36.75” L

Product Code: FH011001

Colors: White

Other: Our lawyers told us to mention that ‘it’s not a toy and not suitable for children!’

download pdf

Specification PDF

download pdf

Installation Guide

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