Facet by Tom Kirk

Facet Overview

Facet is an amazing chandelier design by Tom Kirk for the innermost lighting range. This highly polished chandelier and pendant light is made up of hundreds of etched and folded strips of stainless steel. The highly polished panels are suspended at different angles around the circumference, creating a surface of small facets. Each facet presents part of an amazing fragmented image of the surroundings. The effect from afar has been likened to looking at glass or crystal, rather than perfectly polished metal.


This decorative chandelier was devised by Tom Kirk to suit lower ceiling interiors, with a flatter format. It is available as a pendant in multiple sizes as well as a wall light, in polished stainless steel, brass and bronze.


This chandelier pendant creates an astonishing centrepiece for any space, as it brings luxury style and infinite reflections to any interior. It has gone on to grace the interior of numerous high end retail, hospitality and residential interiors. A great example is the Star & Garter private residence in London, UK, where the chandelier matches the luxury style of the interior.

Specification + Download

Material: Stainless Steel

Colors: Polished Stainless Steel / Polished Brass/ Bronze

Dimensions and Product Codes:

FACET 18: 11” H x 7” diameter


BRASS: PF03931030

BRONZE: PF03931010

Light source: G9 Max 25W(not included)


FACET 60: 12.75” H x 23.75” diameter


BRASS: PF03934030

BRONZE: PF03934010

Light source: 12 x G9 Max 25W(not included)


FACET 100: 12.75” H x 40” diameter


BRASS: PF03936030

BRONZE: PF03936010

Light source: 24 x G9 Max 25W(not included)


FACET 150: 12.75” H x 60” diameter


BRASS: PF03938030

BRONZE: PF03938010

Light source: 30 x G9 Max 25W(not included)


FACET Lozenge: 12.75” H x 42.25” L x 7.1” D


BRASS: PF03936130

BRONZE: PF03936110

Light source: 6 x G9 Max 25W(not included)


Recommended Bulb: Any G9 LED Bulb up to 500 lumen output, dimmable. Temperature 2200 – 2700K.

Ceiling Rose: Angled, color matches the product

Cable: 157.5”, Clear PVC cable

download pdf

Specification PDF

download pdf

Innermost Facet 18 3D file

download pdf

Innermost Facet 60 100 3D file

download pdf

Innermost Facet 150 3D file

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Innermost Lozenge 3D File

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INNERMOST US ETL Version Facet Installation guide

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INNERMOST US ETL Facet 18 Installation Guide

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INNERMOST US ETL Version Facet Lozenge Installation guide