Cork by Innermost

Cork Overview

Cork is a contemporary lampshade

This lampshade is made from fabric-backed natural cork, which was a material created for the fashion industry and re-assigned by Innermost into this wonderful shade.

The thin laminate allows light through but the detail of the tree bark is still clear. The product has 2 options; a light natural color and a darker tone.

Specification + Download

Materials: Natural cork backed onto PVC, powder coated steel


CORK 20*40: 15.75” H x 8” diameter

Natural: SC05912006  Smoke: SC05912005

Light source: Max 40W (not included)

CORK 46*30: 12” H x 18” diameter

Natural: SC05913006  Smoke: SC05913005

Light source: Max 100W(not included)

Colors: Smoke/ Natural

Recommended Bulb: LED Globe bulbs 400 – 1000 lumen output and form 2700K (for warmer with more color), up to 6000K (daylight)

Other: Supplied as shade only, shades interchangeable between pendant and base. See the bases.

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Specification PDF