Brixton Wall

Brixton Wall by James Bartlett

Brixton Wall Overview

As part of the Brixton series designed by James Bartlett, this wall light has been inspired by octagonal turrets. These octagonal turrets originated from medieval castles and later became popular in Victorian architecture, conveying an impression of wealth, power and strength. In the Brixton Wall, the module is positioned as un uplighter, and the slots make the unit particularly reminiscent of castle architecture.

This classic up-lighter is mounted on an aluminum wall plate, making for a simple design with a strong, industrial feel. Brixton Wall is available in gloss white, anodised copper and graphite

Specification + Download

Material: Aluminum

Colors: Anodised Copper / Graphite

Product codes:

Copper: WB10830507

Graphite: WB10830536


Dimensions: 12” H x 6” W

Projection from wall:3.75” or 3.25”

Light source: 120v DC integrated 8W LED CE/ETL certified, CRI 90, 500 Lumen 2700K, Triac / Lutron Dimmable

download pdf

Specification PDF

download pdf

Installation Guide

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